About Nessus


Who we are?



What we do?

Our job is to make your life a little bit easier! We care about your convenience and that’s why we created “Nessus” online platform! Just choose what you love, add the items to your basket proceed to the payment and we will take your purchase directly to your house!


When can I start shopping?

Anytime You want!

Nessus is the definition of easy shopping, there for you 24/7, with the latest trends for each and everyone of you and with over 30 boutiques and clothing-stores across Cyprus!


Why shop with us?

We know that you are working all day and you don’t have the time to make your shopping. That’s why we built this community for you. No need to spent hours and hours walking around the city to find the perfect gift! All in one platform, easy and fast!


Where can we shop?

Directly from your phone! Amazing isn’t it?


So now that we know each other a little bit better continue with your shopping and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquires, we’re here for you!


About Nessus