Named after my third daughter who came into our world and brought so much light and laughter during the very unsettling times of the 2020 pandemic. Kimi means “she who has no equal”, and that is how we feel about our uniquely crafted Kaftans.

Whether you need a flowy beach Kaftan to wear over swimwear, a loungy home Kaftan or something special for your evening dinner, we have carefully selected fabrics and designed styles to suit all occasions.

With comfort in mind, Kimi Kaftans have been designed to fit all body types and shapes. Our fabrics are sourced and handpicked from around the world to provide you with quality textiles and a unique style.

Our signature hand-crocheted necklines bring a special touch to each Kaftan. All of the craftsmanship from sourcing fabrics and materials to tailoring and fine tuning, is carried out locally in Cyprus.

We take pride in using only the finest quality materials to help bring our unique and simple styles to life. Our Kimi Kaftan designs are produced in limited quantities to ensure the exclusivity of each piece worn and enjoyed by women around the world.